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I've always been passionate about Interiors. After many years of being "Jack-of-all-trades,-but-master-of-none", I decided it was time to head back to college pursue a new career path. After a fantastic 2.5 years of hard but rewarding study - I recently graduated with a Professional Diploma in Interior Design from the KLC School of Design in London. I was also honoured to be presented with the KLC Personal Achievement Award for my class.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

David Harber's Sundials, Sculptures and Water Features

I've known about this chap for some time and I think his work is just amazing. There is quite simply nothing else like it on the market and to be able to have one of his exquisitely special pieces in your environment, be it home or work....well it would be a timeless talking point!

The pebbles have been washed completely smooth from centuries of gentle erosion in river water. As twilight beckons, this "Dark Planet Garden Sphere" is elegantly mysterious with tranquil gleams of light emanating from the interior of the sphere. 

My FAVOURITE sculpture, in fact of all his pieces has got to be "The Portal", a dramatic (and substantial) garden sculpture comprising an amalgam of oxidised steel and mirror polished stainless steel. These two metals have been interwoven creating random organic petals, designed to mimic and reflect the patterns found in nature itself.

This stainless steel Armillary Sphere Sundial is made from surgical grade stainless steel, mirror-polished to ensure lifelong brilliance. This comes in a variety of sizes from 50cm to 100cm wide.


The BEROSUS can be made in copper or stainless steel and is inclined to its latitude. The hourlines or markers are all hand-engraved onto it's inner atmosphere. Quite simply a most striking piece of garden furniture. 

All of David Harber's items can be personalised for gift or memorial purposes. 

Stunning.... stunning ....stunning!

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