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I've always been passionate about Interiors. After many years of being "Jack-of-all-trades,-but-master-of-none", I decided it was time to head back to college pursue a new career path. After a fantastic 2.5 years of hard but rewarding study - I recently graduated with a Professional Diploma in Interior Design from the KLC School of Design in London. I was also honoured to be presented with the KLC Personal Achievement Award for my class.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Discovering .... Isabel Le Roux

Wow..... I'm blown away! I've just come to be aware of her as of yesterday. We were round at a very good friend's place last night for the most exquisite dinner. In their recently redecorated dining room, we were privy to experience the fabulous colours and ambiance that an Isabel Le Roux projects. This was purchased at the The Gaze Gallery which is collaborative gallery in conjunction with The Waffle House in Ramsgate, South Africa.

Her use of colour is just so vibrant and alive. I'm a sucker for abstract and impressionism and her work speaks so eloquently.  I've already been on the hunt to see if any galleries supply her work here in the UK. If anyone is the know about this - I would be very grateful indeed if you could drop me a line.

The Colour of Autumn

The 6th sense of love 60 x 80cm Oil on Canvas
Waterfront Reflections
Rue Moufetard
The Sixth Sense of Love

The Colour the Time

Love love love this one......can you just feel the romance?
Music in the Garden

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